King Street Art Gallery Closes Under An Explosion Of Colour

Posted on Friday, July 7, 2017 13:30 PM

A pop up art gallery in Bridgewater will be going out with a bang.

Jill Cooper has been showcasing her art all week on King Street, but will wrap it up this Saturday night.

Originally from Newfoundland, Cooper recently arrived in the South Shore via Toronto and Chicago.

She decided to display her art this way for a simple reason.  

"Well, there aren't any galleries really in Bridgewater. And like I said, I'm recently to the area so I'm just starting to get people to know my work. I thought it would be great to actually have a show in the town I live in."

Cooper has been offering art instruction at the LCLC as she tries to promote herself.

"Really, we're trying to find our footing here. So doing bits and pieces until basically I sell a lot more paintings and then do that primarily full time. But I think I'll always teach a little because I enjoy doing that."

Cooper says the grand finale Saturday will offer finger foods and a chance to mingle before people make their way to the fireworks.

***Photo Courtesy Jill Cooper