Massive Undertaking But Worth It Says Chair Of Independent Commission On Inclusive Education

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:08 PM

The chair of the independent Commission On Inclusive Education says the job of recommending how to fix the system is a massive undertaking.

The Commission's interim report, issued in June, said inclusive education in Nova Scotia is largely failing both students with special needs and their peers.

Dr. Sarah Shea says they continue to hear from people.

"The more you look the more you realize that there are other things you need to explore. It's a huge undertaking but it's important. We have notr met a single person who said 'it's fine , you don't need to do anything.'

Shea says everywhere the Commission has been, people say they're glad the review is happening and they're looking forward to the final recommendations and the government's response.

"All conversations that we've had with government indicates they are serious about this. I believe that there will be change, I really do."

Shea says they need to hear more from parents and especially students.

She says if they don't want to take part in the survey then they can share their thoughts through the Share A Story or Submissions links.

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The final report is due in late March.

Here is the link to the Commission's webpage: