Some Motorists Still Putting Children's Safety At Risk

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2018 10:57 AM

It's only been a few weeks since school resumed and already there's some troubling numbers.

It has nothing to do with student's marks.

It has to do with school bus red light violations.

The Tri County Regional Center for Education reports 31 violations last month compared to 26 in September 2017 and 32 in September 2016.

Steve Stoddart, the Director of Operational Services, tells Acadia News it's pretty discouraging.

"In June we had a huge decrease where we put the new flashing red lights lower on the buses. I thought that this September we'd continue with that decrease but we haven't."

He says he doesn't understand why people to ignore the flashing red lights.

Stoddart says the RCMP have been advised of the areas where the most violations occur.