Construction Underway on MIS Suite at South Shore Regional

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2019 14:23 PM
Construction is underway on a minimally invasive surgical suite at South Shore Regional Hospital.
South Point Construction Limited of Martin's Point has taken over an operating room to transform it into a suite.
Development Officer for the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore, Alison Clements, says the suite will positively impact residents.
"It means they are going to have the tiny incisions rather than the big cuts for operations in that suite, and you're going to be able to heal faster from the smaller incisions which means you get to go home and get back to your life quicker."
South Shore Regional is the only regional hospital in Nova Scotia that doesn't have an MIS suite.
Clements says the project is expected to take roughly four months and they hope to have the suite finished by April 5.
"The equipment provider is going to be coming in the week after that to install equipment and then staff training the week following. By mid-April, pending anything that might pop up, we should have our full MIS suite up and running."
Funding for the project was announced last fall following a million dollar donation from Stephen Sander and his family along with $400,000 in other contributions.
Reported by: Nick Yorston
Twitter: @NickYorston