Judge Says No To Closing Petite Riviere Elementary

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 15:17 PM

Petite Riviere Elementary School will not be closing this July.

A judicial review by Justice Christa M Brothers found the South Shore Regional School Board was unfair in how it went about making the decision to close the school.

Justice Brothers set aside the board's decision as a violation of the duty of procedural fairness.

In her review, Justice Brothers concluded the board didn't even know what they had decided and needed legal advice to interpret their own motions.

Chair of the Greater Petite Area Community Association, Stacey Godsoe is now looking to see what the Department of Education will do to support the school.

"The two previous Education Ministers made different attempts to halt or redirect the school board's decision, as much as was in their power. But this is actually the first time a sitting minister can do something meaningful."

Godsoe calls the school the heart of Petite Riviere.

"There's a huge level of engagement from community volunteers. You know, it's really what sustains folks moving here and staying here is all the young families who have been coming and continue to come despite all the uncertainty."

Godsoe says she thankful of the efforts of so many to help keep their school open and their community alive.

A copy of Justice Brothers' conclusions is attached below.